Human Beatboxing Workshops

Lee has many years experience in teaching beatboxing workshops to all ages of all abilities. You don’t need any musical knowledge to be able beatbox, only a willingness to take part. Beatboxing is a skill still rarely seen live. By taking part, it’s easy to listen, stay focused throughout the sessions, and build self-confidence. Lee‘s workshop has been across the world from schools, youth clubs, cruise ships, corporate events, music festivals, promotional events, carnivals and theatres.

There are many ways in which the sessions can be delivered to suit the audience or event. Lee has worked extensively with a wide range of students and adults, from primary schools to team building days.

Why beatboxing workshops?

There are many different types of music workshops available out there. Beatboxing is one which is very unique and, therefore, is one of the most engaging types out there. It’s a simple skill to learn the basics for and is enjoyable to learn either in a small or Large group. In most cases, no one attending has ever seen beatboxing live. Once the initial demonstration has happened then everyone is already entertained, relaxed and ready to learn how it’s done. 

Beatboxing workshops
Beatbox workshop @ Latitude Festival 2019